Technology is working for you
Each day spent at the Ozer Residence, you will experience countless fun, excitement and simplicity. You’ll be able to surf the internet with its wireless connection or simply play a game on the internet with a neighbor. You won’t have to worry about experiencing any power outages or shortage of water which can be encountered often in Antalya. Ozer Residence will provide you a safe and secure environment with its advanced and recently updated communications and security technology so you don’t have to worry about fire or theft issues. .
Your apartment door opening only to your fingerprint reading
Wireless networking and wireless internet service throughout the building
Smart apartments fully furnished with advanced security cameras
Specialized YTONG wall systems to keep the hot air inside
A separate boiler (water heater) for each unit providing hot water
Maximum capacity full water tank for regular use or in case of fire     
Two SCHINDLER (German) elevators for eight, and one fire escape stairway with panic bars
Fire extinguishing system at auto park and on each corridor of the tower.
A fire alarm system working in conjunction with the tower’s automation system
A full capacity generator system would also work in each unit in case of power outage
Cable television, Digiturk, and satellite accommodating systems with 800 channels
An inside telephone line allowing communication among units, technical services, concierge desk, security, and auto park.
Security (Surveillance) cameras at every strategic area in and around the building
Automatic entering system (OGS) at parking garage
Movement sensor sliding doors at the lobby
Electric currency escape (leakage) rolls and automaton by Merlingerin (German), Pirelli Siemens (Germany) cables
Smart meter reading system that measures amount of electricity being used.
Lightning rod system

Experience architecture like never before
Ozer Residence will not only change the appearance of Antalya with its unique envision but will also mark a new epoch for future developments. Ozer Residence with its unique architecture and elegance will add to Antalya’s natural beauty.  

Ozer Residence is apt to being one of today’s modern structures to be built with its advanced security system, meticulous cleaning services, and fire warning and fire extinguishing services

An exterior dressed in tinted blue thermo glass windows
Alucobond coating around covered areas of the exterior
A breath taking landscape
Covered auto-park
Professional and contemporary management
Maintenance, cleaning and repairing services

Complete security, unlimited comfort
If you are living in one of these 31 spacious units of this magnificent 16 story high structure, each day will definitely be a most pleasurable one. When you are enjoying life to the fullest, Ozer Residence will take care of all cleaning, caring, and repairing needs for your apartments.  You just have to sit back, relax and enjoy the luxury of life and its beauty.
All kitchen and bath cabinets designed by Berloni (Italian).
Sanika Compact steam and Jacuzzi system in all baths
Vescom  wallpaper.
Built in closets
Franke (Switzerland) Aspirator        
Franke (Switzerland) Garbage disposer and double compartment vessel       
Four telephone lines
Door and window frames by Raynaers        
Volkswagon sliding door accessories and Roto frame and door accessories
Dortek quality doors
Aluminum panel radiator
Granit floors      
First class wood floors
Satin paint on walls
Contemporary apartment doors

Your are gonna have hard time leaving home .
Ozer Residence will provide all the fun and entertainment you need to spend quality time with your loved ones. Right in the heart of town, Ozer Residence will offer a social yet serene atmosphere. You are going to have all you need in this 1200m2 entertainment arena.
Aerobic and fitness center
Television room
Recreation room
Billiard saloon
Conference room
Vitamin bar
Table tennisi
Children’s playground
Basketball, tennis, and volleyball courts
Half-Olympic swimming pool   
Tennis court


Antalya, right beneath your feet
Ozer Residence is located in the heart of the city, Dedeman, the most elite neighborhood in Antalya, provides easy access to highlights of the city.
Across from the upscale Dedeman Hotel
5 minutes to Lara Beach
15 minutes to magnificent Konyaalti Beach
10 minutes to the Marina
15 minutes to the airport
10 minutes to the historical district
Next to Gima Shopping Center
Next to Dedeman Bowling Park

10 minutes to Isiklar region, one of the main arteries of town

You will have prominent neighbors.
Ozer Residence promises peaceful living with its selectively chosen residents with similarly adopted lifestyles. This private 30 family facility will not be open to the general public but will only allow guests of the families residing here.
Ozer Residence plans to provide a family oriented environment for its residents. Any incident corrupting the peace for the residents will not be permitted or tolerated and actions will be taken. Furthermore, Ozer Residence will submit its entire operations to its very professional management team who will look through every detail regarding its operations, and execute its plans accordingly.